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It’s been a number of years now since the introduction of touch display monitors into the mobile computing area. Sometimes it feels like it has always been there. There have been some really interesting developments in technology in the last 10 or so years and without thinking about it, we don’t realize the benefits or lack thereof when you buy the latest gadgets. For most of us it’s all about the latest features, not considering what we have lost along the way. I take for example the transition in music from vinyl, to tape and then CD.

There seems to be a trend of late where people seem to be craving outdated forms of media and the main reason is the quality of the sound it produced. The same goes for photography. There some photographers who only use film as their preferred method of capture, because there is a certain quality in the image captured on film that is very difficult to replicate with the digital camera. Most modern day photographers rely heavily on the software packages to produce this kind of result. I don’t foresee the same trend transpiring when it comes to computer displays, unless there are some antique collectors out there. So what are the differences between touch screen displays and normal displays? Have we gained, or have we lost along the way? There is no disputing the recent studies revealing the depletion of the retina in eye due to over exposure of blue light emitted by digital displays. Although that forms part of the cons of over exposure, it is not really the focus of this article. Please be aware of the risks associated with over exposure and try read some medical journals if you require some more information on the topic.

I remember the days we still used the old bulky CRT computer monitors, where you needed a full sized desk just to see what you were doing. Things have advanced amazingly since then with the introduction of LCD and LED displays. The amount of space we are able to save to get the job done is incredible. Flat screens have definitely made our lives simpler.

The technology behind the touch screen displays is really amazing these days. For one, I can testify to the fact where earlier screens seemed more like push screens than touch screens. You really had to apply a reasonable amount of pressure to get a response. Now it’s as simple as a light touch, and even hand gestures are now incorporated into the device which takes things to a whole new level. Sensors make auto adjustable light and auto screen color changing possible, allowing us to protect our eyes to a certain degree. The use of the “nightlight” feature; which changes the screen color to a yellowish or orange tinge as the external light changes is a great blue light blocking tool.

When it comes to reading an article or browsing through pictures on Facebook or Instagram. The modern touch screen displays are the better choice. If your screen is older than 3 years, then consider it outdated as it probably doesn’t incorporate the technology mentioned above. The changes today are practical, more than just “nice to have”. Having said that, if you spend your time predominately having to type written content, then the use of the touch factor becomes lost or redundant. Computer MonitorsThe advantages though is you could always go the route of the preferred device and make use of an external wireless keyboard and mouse. This ensures that you get the best of both. Certainly a welcomed introduction is the pinch zoom function. With just two fingers you can increase the size of the information displayed or decreasing required. I’m not sure of other manufacturers butsĀ Samsung have an amazing eye movement tracking function on some of their devices. As you read an article, the sensor scrolls the page based on the movement of you eye. Absolutely incredible stuff! It even automatically pauses a video clip when your focus is taken off the display. The use of an HD display is an essential tool these days when you consider that most of the online content is now in high definition.

The above just offers some insight into my personal computing experience which will allow you to make some informed decisions on what’s best for you. So what’s the future of information display going to hold. I will share some insight in the next post and I think you will be in for a treat!

One thought on “Touch Screen Vs Normal Display

  1. Very informative article! I used older types of moniter to mordern OLED, and obviously like mordern technology for especially supirior picture quality (Full HD or 4K OLED). Other than blue light emission, most of the specifications are good in OLED touchscreen. I always prefer to switch on blue light filter.
    Anyway, thank you for share.

    Best wishes.

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