The Future of Computer Displays

Augmented Reality

We have seen leaps and bounds in the technology sector over the last five years. The boom of digital currency such as Bitcoin, Hybrid vehicles and EV’s hitting the roads with vehicles such as Tesla. Automation has been the craze of late with all the vehicle manufacturers racing to finish with autonomous or self driving cars. BMW was part of the first manufacturers to introduce nano technology into their vehicles with HUD system ( heads-up display).

Even gaming and entertainment have taken a huge turn regarding innovative systems. We now have 360° cameras in conjunction with virtual reality headgear. One thing is clear is that boundaries are being pushed and nothing seems impossible anymore. Wireless technology has taken over and the microchip is now even smaller than ever, making for more and more lightweight devices. We see batteries that are able to hold more capacity and recharge in a fraction of the time it used to take.

What’s in Store?

So where do we see the future of computer displays heading? It’s quite interesting to see what is out there at the moment and what our tech innovators envision for the foreseeable future. What I’m talking about is augmented reality. It might sound foreign to some people, but most of the technology has been with us for some time. What is augmented reality you might ask? Well, it the process of taking a digital environment and overlaying it into the physical reality with the use of digital cameras. See some pics below which give you an idea of the concept. Things like Xbox kinect and the PlayStation i-toy. If augmented reality has been with us, then how does this impact our view on the future? This is by moving into the next phase of the technology. By allowing a controlled environment to become an interactive setting, where real people can interact with technology through gestures. Think about TV shows such as CSI where the actors call up images on see through displays or how Iron-man is able to pull up files as 3D images. Far fetched??? Not exactly…

Augmented Reality

Virtual RealityIt all hinges on the environment to make the technology a reality. A room filled with laser sensors that allow real life human beings to draw images in the air or use laser image building blocks to construct models. All this becomes possible in the way we use technology to master the art of light. It creates a whole new world where we will visit parks built in warehouses and it will seem as though we are in another country as an example. We can build prototypes and run simulations in record times allowing the need for expensive equipment, prototypes and time trials to be a thing of the past. By using the latest in AI( artificial intelligence), we can utilize space in a different way.

Artificial Intellegence and Education

The future is digital, which leads me to think that so is the need for education. Many jobs and everyday function are going to become redundant due to the affordability and availability of AI systems. Looking to the future we need to see and understand the necessity of becoming tech savvy plays a major role in our lives. As technology catches up with the ideas a massive wave of new gadgets will hit the market. This will open the market for new players to emerge in many sectors such as manufacturing, education and entertainment worldwide.

Augmented reality is one of the fastest growing trends in the technology sector. The way ordinary people as well as business view and use computer generated technology is fast changing. I don’t know what the future of the home PC or laptop will look like precisely, but it’s going to be different, fun and exciting.


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  1. Oh, very high technology, I’m backward in technology, I had not heard of Augmented reality before.the future is digital, this technology will be good niche in future, AI system will make our life more easy and comfortable.

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